Human Body Energy Fields

Human Body Energy Fields

The human body, composed of seven billion billion billion atoms, is usually compared to a machine in that it has an engine, electrical system, movable parts, and a computer on board. Such an analogy ignores four important body aspects. Historical in addition to up to date literature has explored human consciousness, spirituality, and the concept of a soul. Within this exploration has been the following 4 typically non-visible body energy fields: the etheric body, astral body, psychological body, and the causal body.

The etheric body, sometimes referred to as the ether-body or aether-body, is the primary layer of the human energy field. It offers vitality and life to the bodily body. It encompasses electromagnetic, chi, prana, and or Ki vitality. From a science viewpoint, it is composed of subatomic particles. The etheric body additionally attunes one’s consciousness to common energy. Mindfulness Coach Blue-violet shade radiates from the etheric body. The etheric body is similar form as the physical body.

Subsequent is the astral energy discipline and it is usually posited between the mental and causal body energy fields. The concept dates back to no less than the time of Plato. Some writers claim it is the spiritual counterpart of the physical body; nonetheless, Theosophists indicate the astral body is the link between the human nervous system and the cosmos. The astral body is an actual replica of the bodily body and is the instrument of emotions. Like the other typically non-seen body energy fields, it extends beyond the precise bodily body. Astral projection utilizes the astral body to travel to other dimensions. Finally, the astral body is a field of energy occupying the identical space as the aura, but seems to have a higher degree of flexibility in that it is continually reshaped by thought and emotion. The astral energy area features as a vehicle of consciousness, which can exist separately from the physical body though it is related to that physical body.

The third body energy field is called the mental body. It presents an interesting problem significantly in view of the quarrel over the location of the mind. It's believed this mental body energy subject is positioned in the mind. Further, this discipline is the vehicle of thought vibration and enables the manifestation of the self. Therapeutic at this energy subject is stronger, longer lasting than the other three body energy fields. The reason for that is the suspicion that the thoughts energy subject is all encompassing, that's, it exists in every single place within the human bodily body

The causal body is the fourth body energy field. It has its roots in Yogic and Vedantic concepts which were solid into a few of the primary principles of Theosophy, esotericism, and spiritual mysticism. It's right here that the soul—the spiritual soul that survives the physical loss of life of the body, exists. Because the soul is energy and if one accepts the key premise of the Second Regulation of Thermodynamics that energy can't be destroyed, it is smart then, that the soul survives the loss of life of the body.